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Empowering Women to Navigate The Path From Chronic Pain to Undeniable Purpose.



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In her 20+ years of Pilates experience, Mary has found herself constantly working with clients just like her. After surviving a car wreck that left her with lifelong injuries and chronic pain, Mary needed a way to find relief and take back her quality of life. She wanted to be the best mom, wife, friend and business owner she could be and couldn't do that while constantly in pain. The low impact nature of Pilates helped Mary strengthen her core, support the areas of her body that were inflamed, find lasting pain relief and even lower her stress levels! Now, she has set out on a mission to help others in her position find the relief they deserve- to navigate the journey from pain to purpose. 


Our Services


I cultivate change through a personalized Pilates movement series.  I empower my clients to heal as they transform their life from Pain to Purpose!  We do this with an affordable and portable Pilates strap system.  The exercises are delivered through an app with a customized program created for each clients' specific needs.  You do the workouts virtually through my Affordable and Portable Pilates APP.  This healing movement practice can be done by anyone of any fitness level from anywhere.


Straps System

This revolutionary strap system brings your studio Reformer Pilates sessions to a new LEVEL. Grab your AFFORDABLE & PORTABLE Pilates system and get to work with guided videos inside my app...


Online Coaching

Through Pilates, Mindset & Nutrition I have cultivated a community based around customized solutions for those in chronic pain to find strength, relief, and purpose in their daily lives. If you are looking for... 


Book Pilates

1:1 Pilates provides focused Pilates exercises for your unique needs and pain and postural conditions. My approach to ...


What Our Clients Say 


Joseph Pilates himself was all about innovation, and I’m convinced he would love what the Core First Trainer and Core First Pilates program provides!”

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OnDemand Membership



Every month

Detailed OnDemand Classes led by Pilates Coach Mary Wallin

Complete access to our extensive Pilates Exercise Library

Meditations led by Energy Worker Lee Hutchison

SLINGS Myofacial Training led by Instructor Aimee Baker

Mindset & Affirmations led by Life Coach Judy Weaver

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Membership Plans

Cement Floor

Virtual Personal Coaching



Every month

Customized workout plan based on your needs & goals

Weekly check-in & accountability

Weekly group LIVE with Mary Wallin

WA OnDemand Membership Included

Full access to new monthly OnDemand classes

20% off of in person or virtual 1:1 Pilates session

FREE Nutrition Guide Download

Watch Our Videos

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