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Get your Pilates on, anytime, anywhere.

  • Virtual Personal Coaching

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Customized workout plan based on your needs & goals
    • Weekly check-in & accountability
    • Weekly group LIVE with Mary Wallin
    • WA OnDemand Membership Included
    • Full access to new monthly OnDemand classes
    • 20% off of in person or virtual 1:1 Pilates session
    • FREE Nutrition Guide Download
  • OnDemand Membership

    Every month
    OnDemand Workouts, Meditations & More!
     7 day free trial
    • Detailed OnDemand Classes led by Pilates Coach Mary Wallin
    • Complete access to our extensive Pilates Exercise Library
    • Meditations led by Energy Worker Lee Hutchison
    • SLINGS Myofacial Training led by Instructor Aimee Baker
    • Mindset & Affirmations led by Life Coach Judy Weaver


No Money

Between classes, travel & costly equipment it can be easy to believe Pilates is too expensive. With our Portable Resistance Training System, you have an entire gym in the palm of your hands!

No Time

It's not easy to find the time to exercise. With our Portable Resistance Training System, you have your workouts on the go! The possibilities are endless. Do quick sessions throughout your day in pockets of time, or all at once at the park or even the beach!

No Space

No space for a huge reformer machine in your home?  Not only is our Resistance Training System completely portable, it's easily packed into a carrying case the size of a small shoe box! Anchor it out in the open, or in a confined space- get your Pilates on any time, anywhere.

No Plan

Eager to exercise but have no idea where to start? Our FitFabNut App has welcome videos, tutorials and more to help guide your way. Subscribe to our premium content to gain access to our entire Pilates Exercise Library or apply for Online Coaching for a customized training plan!



Over exceeded my expectations! As a Pilates instructor with over 600 hours of Pilates training, I wasn't sure what to expect when a product claimed to bring a reformer style experience without the expensive large apparatus.

Joseph Pilates himself was all about innovation, and I convinced he would love what the Core First Trainer and Core First Pilates program provides!

I love that I can turn any space into a Pilates training space and that I can finally match my studio experience from anywhere!

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